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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Eden was doing great at self settling. Would put herself back to sleep during the night, with minimal fuss and crying. Tonight, however, it's been 1hr, 25mins at this count. I've fed her, she was asleep. Put the blankets back over her and then she started screaming. I tried rocking her after I lay on the floor shooshing her. She just kept on screaming. She did calm down, wih deep breathing while I was rocking her, but then started screaming again when I put her down. I feel terrible, but I just walked out. 50mins of shooshing, rocking and patting is crazy. She screamed some more but within 5 mins it calmed and she was alseep. For 20 mins. Started again. Not 5mins crying this time, quiet. Nope. She's crying again. 1.5hrs now. Save me.

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