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Saturday, 15 December 2012

photo catch up

Wow. One month since I've blogged.  Believe me, I've needed to. I just don't have the time. Or if I have the time, the inclination or energy to do so. I come up with the best words and blog posts in my head while I'm driving, hanging out the washing, cooking or knee deep in nappies. Even at work. All really inappropriate times to blog. Now let me see....
Jensen wrote "The dog chased the cat".
Wading pool fun

Hens night!

My nerdy children at the library

easy peasy craft

Helicopter at school

11 years together today!

Celebrated a wedding

got to dress up all pretty-like

celebrated my Oma's 95th birthday

hung out with my sister

Went on a bush walk with the crazies

Proud mummy moment (held back so many tears!) at the Kindy concert

Made an Advent calendar

christmas photo with the dog

home made WOD

Turned this pillow case
into this nightdress

Wore red in rememberance of Daniel Morcombe

Andrew got his tattoo coloured in...
Nanna-made dress
riding the train, waiting to see Santa

family Santa photo

Andrew's work Christmas party

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