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Thursday, 5 September 2013


I do need to do a proper catch up (Again...)

however, I'll just quickly say some things.

I've been dealing with:

a 5 year old who is discovering that he is individual, different and independent young person. He turned 6 last month (SIX!! Where did that time go?!?!) He's like a tween. Not a not quite kid-not quite teenager... He's not quite a little kid-not quite big kid kind of tween. And it shows. There's more attitude, door slamming, yelling, back chatting - all sorts of fun. But then there's the grown up part of him that makes me so proud to be his mother. He seems to understand things. More than a 6 year old should. Life things, really.  Then again, he's all sorts of clever, but can then totally not get a simple concept.  Makes life interesting.

A 2 year old.  Says it all, really, doesn't it. On the one hand, it's to be expected. She's 2. On the other hand, she's a TOTALLY different 2 year old to what J was. He was quite and easily calmed (and pretty much still is), and E is just go go go, not even stopping to drop from exhaustion. She has started to become more understandable by outsiders, speaks really well (and I've been asked independently by several people if she's 3 and not 2...) I don't really remember much of J being 2, but E can count to 13, knows some of the alphabet, can recognise 1 or 2 letters when shown. We've recently been learning some sign language colours and words at the library and she's picked them up really easily. However, she's had to go into daycare for 2 weeks recently and since then she's become a screaming mess. She was sick with a bug going round by the end of it. Pretty much since then she's had separation anxiety, bad. She's screaming, whinging, crying, "pick me up" on me all the time. She will push past her tired limit *just* to spend more time with me. Eventually, she drops or  she asks to go to bed (but only during the day). It is exhausting. On a heaps more positive note, E toilet trained within 2 weeks. She started just before she started at daycare (because I had 2 weeks of prac). By the end of the fortnight, she was mostly accident free. Last week, just one accident (and it wasn't when we were out in the car ALL day for fathers day). This week, all of a sudden, she knows she needs to poo. So, pretty much, we can ditch the day time nappies. Just the night time to go now! I'm so proud of  her. She's pretty much done it all by herself. One day, she just woke up and seemed to know what to do. So proud!

A husband going through a mental health crisis. Months now, really, since before I started my own anti-depressants. He's been seeing someone for it, and then we could both see it wasn't working. Then he decided to stop all the meds the psych put him on, which screwed him around, but actually made him better. Now he's on some other medication and is doing quite well. He seems to back to 'normal'. It was hard to help him through all that. The ups, downs, nothings, everything all at once, the yelling, the say absolutely nothing...

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