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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Omg, bed time is becoming a nightmare again. 4 months of bliss at bedtime, all over. :(
"mummy, I want to lie down with you"
"'mummy, I want you to stay with me"
"mummy, will you lie down with me?"
There are others, but these are the main ones. The obviously fake crying, carrying on like a pork chop, quietens when I walk in, starts up when I walk away, even when I promise to come back in a minute. When Andrew goes to him all he does is scream for me.

Tonight however, the whole crying/ carrying on happened again, I went down and offered all sorts of things - the beach for a swim maybe - I'll take away his train table, I'll leave him at home by himself (which is a total lie) while I go to the hospital to check baby, something he loves to be involved in. Finally I slap a book against the hallway wall (not my finest moment). Got his attention.

I go in to ask him to stop crying and if he rolls over and goes to sleep he can play the 'speak like a Dalek' (you record your voice and it repeats back in a Dalek voice) app on my iPhone. Jensens face lights up. He asks if I can say "Go to sleep Jensen" in a Dalek voice. I say it my best Dalek voice. No, I have to use the app. Ok... I get the app, record my voice and Jensen's happy. I kiss him goodnight and I'll see him in the morning.

Check in 5 mins later - he's asleep!! Omg my kid is a sci fi geek!! He's 3!


That's ok though. He's asleep. Now let's see if that works straight up tomorrow!

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