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Monday, 24 January 2011

Yesterday, at a 3yo birthday party, a new mum of a 3yo and a 2 week old asked me how long I had left to go. I had to actually think about it. 2 months. I mean. It's January, and I'm due March. That's 2 months, right?

Well. No.

It's the end of January and I'm due beginning March. So, technically - that's 6 weeks. Yep. That's it folks. 6 weeks - 8 tops until our house is filled with tears (from the baby, Jensen and probably myself), poop, vomit and breastmilk. I freaked out when we left the party.

We are going to a cousin's wedding - a beach wedding - in 2 weeks. It takes 2 hours to get there, and we're staying overnight.  I had told Andrew when we got the invite (we were only just pregnant at the time) that the baby's car seat would need to be installed and my hospital bag packed before we left for that wedding. Mum and I found the dress I'm wearing to the wedding on Saturday and it was then I realised the wedding was 2 weeks away.

Sunday, I realise that baby is due in 6 weeks.
My baby shower is in 4 weeks.
Uni starts back in 5 weeks.

Crap. I am so unprepared!

Now I have to make sure I have a little thankyou bag for the guests attending the baby shower. I have to send out invitations to said baby shower too yet. I have to pack a hospital bag and put a baby seat in the car before the wedding. I have to clean the baby's room up, get the junk outta there. I have to buy stationery for uni. This house looks cluttered and I need it to look fantastic before I bring baby home to it.

Stress much?

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