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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

So, Monday was valentines day... Tuesday was my birthday!!

My mum had called me to say happy birthday, and that she couldn't make it down to see me, but she would on Wednesday. She has to drop the little girl she looks after at school, she'll pick up Lea and kids, drop the kids off at daycare and meet me at a little coffee shop near me that also does high tea. 1030 she says.

So I spend all day on my birthday alone (Andrew at work and Jensen at Daycare) hanging out to go to this coffee shop in the morning. Mum rings me back just before I have to pick Jensen up and says, can you meet us at the shopping centre (30mins from where I live) just after 10 and we'll look for things for the baby shower.

We were going to do this after going to the coffee shop near me anyway. Apparently it's easier for them when they have to leave. Lea has to pick up her kids at 230, mums gotta pick up the little girl at 3. Fair enough, it's gonna take them
30mins to get where they're going once they leave here...

Sounds silly now, but I was really upset. Not only did they not see me on my birthday (we're coming down on wednesday, not driving all that way twice), the ONE thing I wanted tondo for my birthday, it's "too far".

Andrew says he'll take me there, though :)

And just a side point, just after 10 is not 1030... 1030 is 1030. I could make it here on time...

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