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Friday, 11 February 2011

This house must be a giant-spider magnet!

There was that BIG one that was living in my en suite in November (or whenever), that Ben and Andrew assisted to the back garden. Then there was a smaller one, which I think was sprayed.

Then on Tuesday, there was one hanging around in the lounge room. Last night Andrew found it in our bedroom. Fine... He tried to scare it out. It disappeared. Ok. I got up at 1:30am, covered in sweat (coz Andrew is sick, the en suite door was shut, window shut, fans off - really hot)! I hopped into the shower, and as I slid the door shut , there's the giant (and I mean giant) spider - on the INSIDE of the shower with me!!

Holy moly. It was massive. Honest to God, no word of a lie, it's fangs were at least 1cm. Doesn't sound like much, 1cm.. But on a spider- huge!

As I was having a cold only shower, it was so cold it took my breath away, and each time that happened I closed my eyes! I was freaked out by that spider. I switched it off and bravely opened the door and got out of there, and had a shower in the other bathroom.

I have absolutely no idea where that spider is now!

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