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Sunday, 22 May 2011

I meant to post this on 10 April, but have been sooo busy!

Bit traumatised today... Eden is 3weeks old. Went to visit my grandma today with my mum and Andrew. Mum bought macca's for lunch. Mum was holding Eden while I ate lunch and she was crying coz she was hungry. Mum put her finger in her mouth to try and calm her, but Eden spat it out coz obviously mums finger is not a nipple. So mum gets a fry (chip) and goes to put it in her mouth. It didn't actually go in her mouth, but it did touch her lip. I said "uh uh" and was ignored so I said more firmly "no!" Andrew said rather forcefully "R will take her off you!" I was amost in tears but held back and took Eden back anyway and fed her.

About 2hrs later I get a MSG from my sister saying mum was in tears because how harshly she was spoken to and that she was told that I'll never let her see Eden again.

I'm sorry. My daughter is 3 weeks old, take all food away from her!

For the record. It wasn't that harsh, it was stern. She was never told she'd never see her again, just she'd be taken off her (as in for the rest of the visit). When I called my sister to explain, she seemed more upset than mum when I called her (after calling my sister). It was going to end up an arguement, so I dropped it. I called my mum and she was not as upset as my sister and we agreed to drop it. Things are fine now. I think (hope) we're all over it now.

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