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Sunday, 22 May 2011

It's been so hard to get on the computer and actually blog. Could be why I'm on here at 3:30am.

Eden is now 8 weeks old - we're just passed the 2 month mark! It's great having a baby in the house again, and a girl no less! I can shop! I actually don't like shopping, I hate spending money (especially on myself), but find I can spend money on the kids. Easy. I realised the other day when I was getting parcels that Jensen hasn't been getting anything. So I ordered him something. Jensen has a huge big love relationship with green. Everything has to be green (according to the health nurse, this is perfectly normal). The Thomas The Tank Engine character, Percy, is his favourite. He's green, don't you know.

'Percy' Edison Learning Chopsticks from Smart Stix
Jensen's been sick with the flu, poor lil mite, and this parcel arrived on one of the most sick days. He got to open the parcel and was so excited originally with the bubble wrap. He called it 'pop', coz that's the sound it makes. Then he's realised Percy is in the parcel. (oh, on a side note, Jensen's favourite letter is P!) Percy is at the top of some chopsticks! They are Edison Learning Chopsticks! They help kids learn how to use them. The chopsticks became the favourite toy of the day! Jensen calls them 'snippers'. I purposely made stirfry so he could try them out, and he did! He was much better at it than I had imagined!

Jensen has been a bit more needy of late, which maybe because Eden has joined the family. Truth be told, Eden gets more attention than Jensen, though not on purpose. I do try to spend time with Jensen, but Eden needs to feed! That also seems to be the time Jensen needs me. It's a nice feeling - to be needed, though a little frustrating when all you hear is "Mummy! I need you!" 50 million times a day (ok, over exaggeration). It seems when he's sick, all he wants is his mummy. That's a great feeling. Tonight he told me (after calling out after Andrew read him 3 books and put him to bed) that he was worried I wasn't here. I held his hand, combed my fingers through his hair and he fell alseep. Nice to be needed and wanted xx

Eden is now smiling away, making a heh noise that I assume is a laugh! She's been making that noise for about a week and half. Smiling since 3 weeks. Still hates being on her tummy, though if you get her at the right time of day, she'll tolerate it for 10 minutes. I prop her up on a pillow for tummy time, and she has been know to roll off. Whether that's the pillow, her big fat cloth nappy-ed bum or her giving it a go (or a combination there of), it's nice she's making progress. The cluster feeding has stopped, so I'm not banished to the couch to feed for 3 hours in the evening anymore. Just this week, she's started sleeping through the day! I know it's against the SIDS guidelines, but she sleeps on her tummy. Hey, if she sleeps and I get stuff done, then I'm all for it. I do go in and check on her every 5-10 minutes - because I'm paranoid. She'll soon be graduating to her cot in her own room at night coz she's nearly reached the top of her basinet! At night, sometimes I find that she's kicked off her swaddle wrap and blanket and just lying there. I'm going to miss her when she's down in her own room, next door to Jensen. Eden does sleep through the night, from about 6 weeks. Yes, I am one of those parents whose baby actually does sleep through the night. Doesn't make life any easier when the day sleeps are cat naps, but the upside is a full nights sleep.

Oh! I joined a gym! Who'd have thought! I joined when Eden was 7 weeks old. Since then, Jensen's been sick and I'm not sending my sick kid to crèche just so I can go to the gym. This week, however, I'm going to go back. James and Sherryn's wedding is in about 5-6 weeks, so I wanna be good looking for then! I think I may have a chance with one of the groomsmen ;)

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