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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Kindy Eve

I'm starting to get nervous for Jensen's first day of Kindy. I have no idea how kindy differs from day care, but he's going to be gone 8:30-2:30 tomorrow. I'm going to miss him!

My nerves are about him not having a good time, me not missing him, and the thing that popped into my head today was the poor little girl about 10 years back (Sophie??) at daycare and a car slammed through daycare fence landed on her and caught fire and burned her. I'm worried that's going to happen too. I'm worried he'll have too much fun and I'll have to pry him home. Too much fun and have an accident (physical or otherwise), or hurt someone either by accident or because a kid has something he wants. Or he'll kick up a fuss and not want to eat whatever I give him for lunch.

So many things!

How was your first kindy eve handled?

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