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Friday, 6 January 2012

New news!

Eden has her 2nd bottom tooth! I thought it was through the other day, but it must have gone back in. Yesterday, yep, it's definitely through! She handled the 2nd one a lot better. No others look close, so it could be a while now.

Eden has learned how to clap! I saw her do it about a week ago and didn't even blink that she did it. Jensen was so excited that she clapped (in the car) that I realised that yes, she can!!

Jensen now finally fits a pair of size 4 pants. He's nearly 4 and a half, but yes, they fit! I've been having little emotional moments lately. He's growing up so fast. I remember when he went cold turkey Breastfeeding (15mths), took his first steps(14mths and on his uncle's birthday), his first words (cat = me-um). He starts kindy this month! He wont let me call him my little boy, he's now my big boy.

But that big boy woke this morning at 3:25am, desperately calling out as there was a monster in his room. First monster. The monster was green, which is odd as this is Jensen's absolute favourite colour. Everything is green.

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