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Saturday, 26 May 2012

The failed trip to Miles

The Failed Miles Trip

I had 3 week of prac. Then I wanted a break. A nice family break. Andrew suggested Miles, as the kids hadn't been there yet, and some of the family hadn't met either child. I finished my prac at 3:30, so I could make it home by 4, have a shower and be back in the car for a trip - stopping in Pittsworth overnight to break up the journey. Ok, so I finished at 3, was home by 3:30. Bargain! Even more time to get started !

Except the car wasn't packed (as offered) and bags weren't packed. Eden's bag had been packed the night before, but not her nappies. Bags packed, car packed, everyone in the car, we left at 5.

We joked all the way to Toowoomba about things we'd left behind. Pillows. A blanket  incase it was really cold, Eden's ted that she has a new found attachment to.

What got me the most was we were nearing Pittsworth, and it dawned on me. Eden's bag of clothes. With every piece of warm clothing she owns, was still sitting on the floor IN HER ROOM.
I was ok with it until we got out and saw the family and I just burst into tears. Thankfully, Andrew's aunty runs a shop that sells clothes, and gave me some from there (saying they were for birthdays/christmas etc). Oh, yeah, and I dug out some flannelette pajamas for me from the cupboard from before Eden was born to take with me, put them on and they were faaarrr to big. So,  the sleep I got was uncomfortable. 

Then I remembered my cousin in Toowoomba, so in the morning, after a night where neither child wanted to stay asleep (I had about 3 hours broken sleep) we back tracked and picked them up.

Saturday found Jensen not feeling well, and Eden's barely snotty nose now pouring. We finally arrived in Miles, around morning tea time.  The kids had a bit of a play, then we ducked off to the store for supplies and headed out to our camping spot for the night. The day was fine, and for dinner we had camp-oven roast lamb and pork with veges (which Jensen ate! He rarely eats meat, so this was a big thing!).

Again, the kids wouldn't sleep. Another 3 hours of broken sleep.

MOTHERS DAY! was Sunday. Despite how absolutely stupidly tired I was, my mothers day present from Jensen made me cry. A hand-made necklace, made at Kindy, bath milk, chocolates, and - this is what made me cry - a coaster with a flower on it. The flower was painted using Jensen's finger prints. On the back was a little poem. I didn't get breakfast in bed, but Ranger Nick made bacon and eggs for breakfast, then Andrew and Nick did the dishes.

Eden's nose continued to pour and you could hear her wheeze and cough like I was going to have to take her to the hospital. Jensen wouldn't play on the low ropes course or play archery with Nick and Andrew, he was just that sick. We decided that we would skip visiting the rest of the family in Roma, and just head back home today.

ALL THAT WAY - 6hrs driving - for an overnight stay :(

The next week, we are told that an Aunty, living in Miles, is having her 80th birthday party at the end of June, and we'll be heading back out for that. Hopefully, the kids wont be sick that weekend...

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