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Monday, 28 May 2012

I could hear Eden wake and start crying. Nobody move! I froze in bed and the crying stopped. I fell back asleep. The crying started back again. It wasn't much of a cry, just enough to get your attention. It stopped. Again I fell asleep. This goes on 2-3 more times. Finally I wake up, but there's no crying. I decide I better go check. I tuck Jensen in and carefully tip toe in her door. She can't see me because of where her cot is to the door. I can hear her breathing and it isn't her sleeping breathing. It's like she has X-ray vision because she's just sitting there, watching the door, waiting. She cries again, I pick her up and ask what's wrong. She stops crying and wraps her arms around me so tight, like she hasn't seen me in months. I just Rick her, she picks her head up and wriggles and changes position, butt has gone to sleep. It's a light sleep, but sleep nonetheless. I try to lay her into position to get ready to put her to bed, but she works it out, wriggles back into a seated position. I sit in my rocking chair with her legs on one side of me and her head on my chest and just cuddle and rock. She has a firm grip on me, while still being asleep. This is perfect. I've never just sat and rocked with Eden. I put her into her cot still in her cuddle 'shape' with a blanket at her back to keep it warm and a blanket over top, too. Sleep tight baby girl. Love you. x

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