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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween + Toilet Talk

I'm sure other people really want to hear about toilet antics. But as a mum, I love hearing about the leaps and bounds of children, learning new things. Well, here's what's just happened in our house.

Last night was Halloween. I'm not big on Halloween. It's an American tradition, and really, just involves dressing up and knocking on strangers doors and asking for chocolate and lollies. I'm ok with dressing up. I love it when my kids dress up. I am ok, sorta, with chocolate and lollies. I do think my children eat too much junk, but am aware there are kids out there who eat more junk than my kids, and other kids who eat waaaayyy too much more junk than my kids. I like it in moderation. It's the knocking on strangers doors that gets me. What are we teaching our kids. This doesn't help my stranger danger discussions. My baby is only 19mths, what must be going through her mind?
My Princess Fairy
My Pirate
I was a witch!
James (as Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly), Jensen,
Monica (as Dracula) and Eden
Despite all this, we went trick or treating and had Pop handing out the lollipops while we were gone. Eden managed 2 houses before the 3rd she had to eat a lolly. I was very surprised, that even though we started out at her bedtime, and she was really tired but said "Ta" at each house. Jensen was really excited, pigged out when we got home, had some dinner (pizza - but what can you do...) He used his manners all the way around. He didn't complain about walking, just told me his muscles were getting stronger!

Eden didn't eat any dinner, but had 2 bottles of milk (equating about 450ml!). Between the 2 bottles,  she was walking around. She came over to me while I was eating my dinner (salmon and roast vegie chips) pointed at her backside and said "Yuck. Bum" I asked her if she needed to go to the potty and she said "Yeah!" and ran off. Got her stripped off and on the toilet - the nappy was clean and dry! Normally, she'll sit on the toilet, play with the toilet paper and want off. This time, I sat her on there, she played with the toilet paper. I turned to go and get her toothbrush so she could occupy herself by brushing her teeth and I hear wee and poo! I couldn't not have been any more prouder! OMG! She had told me she needed to go before she had already gone! I was so excited. I think she was too tired to be excited, but she had a big smile on her face.  No body else seemed to be as excited though.
Today, though, not as much success. We're still a work in progress and she is only 19 months old but I'm confident she's going to 'get' it soon!

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  1. Very exciting on the toileting! Also, for using their manners and not whinging. WTG Eden and Jensen.


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