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Friday, 2 November 2012

PT session

Weigh in day today... Apparently I put on 200g this week. My trainer reminds me that we didn't have a session last week. I'm ok with the 200g gain then. Even still, it's 4kg loss (3.8kg if you're going to be picky) in 3 weeks.

After my warm up (200m row, 200m run, 10 squats, 10 push ups, 10 sit ups), I'm told we're doing some box jumps. Now, a few months ago now, I mastered box jumps. I did them. I have video proof. The next week, my brain went back into fear mode and I couldn't do it! We left it for weeks and weeks and today it was sprung on me. We started out with 3x 20kg weights, moved onto 4, then added a 10kg, and then another (then replaced the 2x 10kg with 1 x 20kg). One last 20kg was placed in the stack - and I did it!  I can jump onto that! It's even taller than an actual box (for box jumping)! So proud!
Wait, there's more weights there than I thought! He must have snuck that it!

At my last training session, I was told that I would be attempting 2 laps unbroken. So, 2 x 400m laps without stopping (because now I can do 400m without stopping). The ultimate goal is to be able to run 3 x 400m laps unbroken. Well, today I broke my 2 lap record. I can now run the 2 laps without stopping!! I really did want to give up. But I didn't. The 2nd lap was slower, but I didn't stop to walk. I find if I distract myself, by singing in my head, it helps me to focus on something else other than how far I've got left to go. I have songs on my iphone that get me ready to want to run, but I can't take it with me (I forget my arm thing) and I can never remember the words to the song  - or even the song just for the tune! I end up singing in my head songs from Jensen's kindy, or other kids songs.  I really need to sing something faster, as it seems the slower the song, the slower I run...

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