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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Welcome back..... and rant.

ok. Five months have passed. I better start again. I can't remember whats happened over the last few months, but eventually, I'll go back and post some photos.

Today was a bad day for me.
My in laws (who we live with) are currently house sitting, so we have the place to ourselves. My father-in-law popped over to find something. I had asked him on 3 separate occasions if someone was going to be here to watch the kids when I go to work. Yes. Each time he said that my  mother in law would be here at 230.

250 she shows up, doesn't say anything to me, walks past the kids fort they made, comes back up the hallway, asks E to pick up a plate, E says no and then mother in law says ' right, that's it. If you're going to be a naughty girl, I'm not going to look after you'. She grabs their dog (that is housesitting with them...) and gets in her car and leaves.

Does not say a word to me. There's not even a look in my direction.

She actually gets in the car and drives off.       TEN MINUTES before I have to leave for work.

I rang my husband, he's telling me 'what do you want me to do???'
I ring my mother in law and ask her if she's coming back. The conversation goes something like ' I'm not going to look after naughty children, if you're not going to discipline her then I'm not looking after her' I am stunned so I say 'fine, have a nice evening. have a nice evening - bye.' and hung up. fuck you. you live in the same house. if you have an issue with our discipline of the children, bring it up when I'm NOT about to leave for work. I don't have time for bullshit. Turn up 20 min late, so I'm already stressing about you not even turning up (I had sent a text message, but she never responded to that - for all I know she was lunching with a friend and had totally forgotten...
I ring work, in tears, just on 3pm, saying that my babysitter cancelled on me. Hang  up and who should have come back inside?? First thing I hear? "where is she now?" to the kids

Then the argument starts about lack of discipline, how a "normal person would have known I wasn't actually going to leave" . "I told you I'm not looking after naughty children" (wtf? When ? BTW - you're saying this IN FRONT of my children) "didn't answer the text because I was driving " (yeah ok, that's fine, but how was I to know that?)

Andrew's been texting me the whole time asking whats going on. He tells me to call work and see if they filled my shift. They have.

Finally, we calm down. She stays. We talk civilly. It's fine. She leaves just after 4. She give me a hug, but not before telling my daughter to stop being naughty.

Andrew gets home and says it's part my fault too, (though, I can't remember why).

We've come to the conclusion that we need some other arrangement for watching the kids of an evening when I work. Andrew has suggested after school care, all well and good, but  now I think about it, I'd have to change my uni timetable. Not include the grandparents at all. If I have to, I have to I guess.

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