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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Night time washing line fun

Tonight, I had washing to hang out, just before 8pm. As bedtime is 7pm for Jensen, he was up late. It's not a kindy night, he's been good today -a treat, if you will. Andrew was busy swearing at his computer (something was going wrong), Jensen was looking frustrated and bored, but not ready for bed. So I asked him to put on a dressing gown and some slipper boots, and grab a torch and he could help me hang out the washing. Oh wow, to see that boys eyes light up was something special! I've never seen him move so fast to find a dressing gown! He loved it! Got to shine his torch and make shadows! He ended up hurting himself when he brushed against the brickwork and wanted to go back inside. As he was leaving me at the clothesline, he called back and sincerely asked if I was going to be ok on my own in the dark.

Love my boy!

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