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Thursday, 7 February 2013

School seems to be going well! I'm loving being a school mum, lunches and uniforms and all. Jensen seems to like the same thing day in day out. I'm aware thats going to change, but for now, he's happy. Today, while waiting to pick him up, I watched them come back from another classroom. J was the last kid, all on his own, just walking. I've asked how his day was - he's got a friend he plays with in the playground, but when asked about who he sits with on the classroom floor, he just says 'nobody' with a sad look on his face... I wonder whats going on there.    Despite that, he loves going to school.

Eden has come out with more words. Today, she finally can say J's name properly! It's great to hear and J loves it! Was telling everyone at home. She's also very pesty, stubborn and picky. Whingy. Everything seems to be needed to be done her way. Very fond of Dora the Explorer.

I lost 1.1kg this week! I'm still a long way off my 7kg goal (5.9kg to then!) I was hoping to lose that by my (BIG!) birthday next week... I doubt it's going to happen, but we can try! I've done three little mini workouts at home (one Tuesday, one Wednesday, and one today). Hopefully thats going to help!

I always fear Fridays, for PT scares me. I always wonder why after I finished the session, coz I love it.

The place I'm having my party next week called me and told me I can no longer bring outside food. Which means that I can't cater for the people with different dietary requirements / paleo / children. AT first I was pissed off, then really annoyed, and now, oh well. Nothing I can do. I had worked something out with the manager for outside food, but when we went back to confirm everything found out that he's no longer there and there's another manager. It doesn't matter, really, as they have other food (they have a lunch menu etc). So if anyone wants anything else, then they have to get it from there. Oh well.

Andrew needed to put some rock tape on his leg for a damaged tendon. He needed to remove the hair on his leg. So he's used veet. On both legs (only up to his knees). It's creepy!

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