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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Letter to Juice Boost

I am in no way good at writing letters.

But here's complaint/ heads up / compliment letter to Juice Boost.

I'm just writing regarding a discrepancy I encountered on Wednesday. I am a Juice Boost VIP and I really do love your juice boost, however, on Wednesday when I visited the Capalaba Park Juice boost I fancied a kids sized 'Mango Sports'. This is a photo taken from the sign.

When I ordered my kid size Mango Sports, I was told that they don't do a Mango Sports in kids size (Coz the protein is not for kids). Clearly, the sign says otherwise. It only comes in Original or regular. I was after a kids size one coz I wasn't thirsty enough for a regular. Apparently too that the Mango Sports kids size isn't in the computer. I did end up ordering the regular size, but made a point of saying the sign is misleading, because it is, and that I would be writing this email. 

The staff member I first was speaking to didn't seem to think I could read the sign properly, but was nice about it. The other staff member informed me that the kids size is only for the smoothies, however if I did read the sign properly - that piece of information isn't on it. The 2nd staff member seemed to be the one in charge and told me that the signs are only new and that she will let her boss know. I let her know i would be writing this email anyway.

The staff were helpful and friendly, and it's nothing against them. 

I was only after the small size and was really writing to let you know (with a picture!) that the information is misleading and I was really disappointed that I had to then pay for a size I didn't want, just so I could get the one i was after.

Thank you for your time

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