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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Product Review - Hamilton Sun

Another chance to review something ! I'm loving this! Product for my opinion! The opportunity through Nuffnang's Product Talk 

Hamilton Sun Sunscreen.

I'm not quite sure just how to review sunscreen. It's not like I can photograph it in use, or how it stands up to a preschooler and a baby jumping all over it.

But, I have taken some photos. 
The products to be tested:
Meet Hamilton Sunscreen.
Sensitive. Toddler and Family.

 And what they look like. Now, I'm a terrible photographer with my iphone. I would have used my actual camera, but it didn't like the way the sunscreen looked on a red plastic picnic plate. See - said camera is just above the plate.

Sensitive.    Toddler.      Family. 

Anyway. I'll write what I best can about sunscreen.

What I first noticed about the sunscreen is that each "type" is a different colour. Good for when you're in a hurry at the shop and just grab one. The Family bottle's green colour really stands out. With the Sensitive and the Toddler colour though, I found I did have to actually read the label to find which one was which. Side by side, you can see they have different colours - Sensitive is purple and Toddler is pink. That's fine. It looks good. But can be confusing, especially if you're specifically after Senstive and wind up with Toddler.

My husband is a picky sunscreen person. He doesn't like the greasy ones, or ones that smell heavily like sunscreen. He noticed that each different 'type'  has a different smell! The Sensitive is the one that smells the most like sunscreen, but not so much overpowerlingly so that every man, woman and child in close proximity knows you're wearing it. Toddler and Family smell a bit more fresh, but both in a different way. A good way though.

Each different 'type' also has a different texture/ viscosity/ feel etc. Have a look at that plate photo again. That's just straight out of the bottle (don't worry, it'll get used in the morning when we head out!).  Look at how each one just sits (or not!). You can definately notice the difference when rubbing each one in. 
Sensitive - as modelled by Eden -  felt thick but soft (it's hard to explain). If she was more inclined to actually lie/sit still while putting this on her, I'd probably have noticed more.

Toddler - tested by Jensen - is applied quickly. The blob on that red plate shows it's more runny than the other two, and probably spreads more easily and quickly as toddlers (and preschoolers in my case) hate putting sunscreen on and will squirm as much as Eden did.  

yes. I am modeling the Family Sunscreen
with my brand new LJ gym top
(Early christmas present!)

Family was put through it's paces by me. It's thick enough to put on but feels just like sunscreen (obviouysly, coz that's what it is...). We all sunscreened up and took off for a walk to the gym PT, where I sweated like crazy. The sunscreen didn't seem to bother the sweat and vice versa. My skin seemed to breathe easy enough. However, on the way home with the sun at my back, I did feel 'the burn' of the sun. I had the sunscreen there, so there was no actual sunburn, just the feeling. Good thing too. Coz if the sunscreen can't handle a sweaty person, how is it going to handle the water? It's water resistant. 

Home finally and i jump in the shower. The sunscreen must be washing off with the sweat. I notice that my skin has water droplets on it as if I was covered in oil, if you know what I mean. I didn't feel like I was covered in oil, that's just the affect it was creating.

I think if I was to buy this for my family - at least at this point in time - I'd reach for the pink lid of Toddler, as it was the easiest to apply. Although, I do like that you need minimal amount (of any one of the 'types') to cover each part of you. 

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