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Sunday, 26 May 2013


We have gone away for the night last night. We were supposed to go camping last fortnight for Mother's Day, but the weather was miserable and cold. So the lovely lady rescheduled is for this fortnight (where they normally just cancel with no refund). This fortnight comes and it's raining on and off, even colder and the weather report says "gusty to damaging winds" for our destination. Well. They're right. So Andrew wanted to cancel, but then decided (and persuaded me) to see if we could upgrade to a cabin. We did, even got a cheaper price and our money from the campsite taken off that price. It's a lovely little cabin, in the national park.  It's still cold, very windy, but lm pleased he convinced me not to camp. The kids were sick already, least they won't be getting any sicker. 

The kids, right now, are trying to wake Andrew up. E won't- saying "no, I won't. I'm cooking a cup of tea!"

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