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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Unexpected conversation

Took J to bed tonight, just like every other night. The moment his head hit the pillow, however, he started bawling,  saying he didn't want to die, that when he dies, he doesn't want to leave this house. It was so disturbing and upsetting to see him like that. He couldn't tell me how or where the idea came to him. I had a little chat to him, as did Andrew and Nanna and Pop. It took an hour to calm him down. He's calm now, and asleep, but I dare say that he'll be in in the middle of the night. He has asked raisin toast for breakfast. I said that I didn't have any, so I'd run up to the bakery tomorrow and grab some before he woke up, so he can have breakfast in bed. He sat straight up, and told me "Don't run up there - walk. I don't want you to waste petrol just to get some raisin bread from the shop".

Oh, my baby's brain is working overtime for someone so young.

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