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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Sleep. I need some!

Feeling totally emotionally drained today. I fought with Andrew over granola. Who the hell does that? I wanted to start another personal paleo challenge today (May 1st), and by making granola this became my 'cereal'. Apparently it's the best topping to the full-to-the-brim cereal that Andrew eats. Both he and Jensen are eating heaps at the moment (Jensen, day before yesterday, ate two sachets of minute oats - I can eat one).

Eden is stressing me out, she's not sleeping well. Going to bed is fine, staying asleep in it is impossible. Regardless if she day naps or not, she sleeps like shit. Awake about 4 times a night and either falls back asleep instantly in mine or Nannas bed. Will sleep through the night in ours (or nannas bed), but not in her own. But she treats our bed, or their bed, like her own and starfishes and sleeps all over the place. Occasionally, Jensen joins in too, waking in the night and comes in to us. Makes 4 bodies in a queen bed, and both starfish. I'm the one that feels like they need to get up and sleep somewhere else. Both get shitty when I try to move them. Andrew sleeps through it all.

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