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Thursday, 23 May 2013


So. Medication. I am on medication. I'm not sure if it's making any difference, it is only the end of day 2. Mind you, I was having a good day the day before I started the meds, and yesterday (day 1).

A side effect of the medication is, apparently for the first few days, is nausea. And oh my gosh, they're not wrong. It's worse than being pregnant. See if you can follow this : Instead of the nausea starting in your stomach (eg: feeling queasy), the feeling starts with a gag reflex then with the queasy. So many times I have nearly spewed. It's awkard. And it hits around 1pm. All I need to do is yawn, cough, say certain words and the urge to hurl comes rushing at me. It's nearly 9pm now, and I still feel this way.

Just thinking back now, I think coincidently, I have reduced appetite, too. That'll work in my favour!

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