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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Individual bedrooms

This morning we decided to see if J could get ready for school before 8am. He did! So we had some free play with Lego and were chatting with Nanna while we did....

SOMEHOW, and I have no recollection of how, we got onto 'today we will change the kids into their own rooms'.

I have absolutely no idea how we got to that topic, or how it was agreed on.

But it happened.

However, there is stuff everywhere in the living room.

Don't forget, we live with my inlaws, so there is our stuff and their stuff to be relocated and organised.

So there is a beautiful princess room for E, and J's room will be completed tomorrow (because I had to work tonight). Both are extremely excited.

BUT. I got verbally abused by Andrew when I got home for not telling him that we were giving the kids their own room. Even when I rang earlier (while still at work) you could hear in the back ground "I told you, I don't want to speak to her".

He's drunk, he's got red blood shot eyes, but I finally got from him that I didnt tell him that it was happening, that the living room was 'trashed, when he got home no one could tell hom what was going on (which is rubbish because his mum was home and helped me 'trash' it. He was the most upset that he "had" to eat dinner on the kitchen floor, AND there was no dinner so he had to go buy it.

I worked my arse off to do as much as I could in the little amount of time I had between dropping J to school and E to little school.

I worked HARD. I stopped at 1:30 so I could eat and get ready for work to leave at 3 for my 3:30-9pm shift at work.

I had even rung him to whinge how much my back hurt and try and get him to tell me to call in to work. His response? "well, you knew you had to work this afternoon before you started to clean the house, Its your own fault. Go to work". so i did.

So the shock rudeness I go when I got home that I didn't tell him was a but much. S now I'm lying on the couch ub J's room (because it hasn't been moved out yet) while J snores and the little princess woke and sits on my lap. We're all now camping in J's room because the utter rudeness and unwillingness to listen to me was too much.

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