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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Matthew Reilly

I love Matthew Reilly books.

I first became aware of Matthew's work from a live Brisbane taping of Good News Week (way way back in 1999! Somewhere, maybe, I still have a recording of it on VCR tape...).  At the time, I think he was promoting Ice Station. I went to my local library and borrowed it out ( after a wait, of course, it became hugely popular after that show's taping and airing). I read it. I couldn't put it down!

BEST book I'd read in a long time. I actually went and bought it!

I now own all his books, albeit with different front covers.

It's like an action movie in a book, but the production budget for a movie like that would just be phenomenal.

The newest latest book to come out is Tournament, which I bought for Andrew for his birthday. Funnily enough, Mr Reilly was in town for book signings! So Andrew and I went with Tournament and my two copies of Ice Station (I lent my original to Dad. A pipe exploded at his place it got wet. He bought another to replace it, but it too got wet from the offending pipe...) and my copy of Hell Island  to be signed :) Shame I couldn't take them all. He signed the 2nd copy with my name, and even mentioned that the first copy was a 1999 edition!

I was so giddy for about an hour afterwards. I get giddy just reminiscing!

Totally starstruck

personalised signed copy of my 2nd copy of Ice Station

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