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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Love is blind

Just between you and me....

So. Andrew has this friend. That has an opiate drug prescribed to him. When Andrew visits, before he leaves, I always ask him not to do anything stupid. To him, this means drugs (which he did in his past...) To me, this means ANYTHING stupid.

He has, recently, in the last few months, come home from said friend with drugs of some description in his system. And you can tell. It's totally obvious. He's off his tree, doped out and looks like he's high. He falls alseep. He can't concentrate. He just sleeps. all the time.

As we live with his parents, they've seen it all before, so they know. They're not stupid. But you know, love is blind, and I must just not see it for what it is.

My husband is a drug user.

It may not be chronic, constant or jones-ing (that's a word, yeah?) for a hit, but he uses. And it may not be an illegal drug that he uses, but it's not prescribed to him.

So he takes this 'drug' with his friend (and they may or may not be 'smoking' together too), plus he's on his own psych medications and now cold and flu tablets (which we are assuming is for hayfever). but man, if F's him up.

A few months ago, it was really bad. I was ready to ask him to leave. Twice. But we live with his parents, so it's not really my place to kick him out from.

But yesterday I learned that his father is ready to kick him out, for the same reason. I also learned that while we were renting, A would come to his father and ask him to pay the rent. Whether or not the rent was being paid by his father, or A was paying the rent and using the borrowed money for something else is another thing.

I have so many questions, very little answers and no idea what to do about any of it, or where to start...

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