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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Not happy Jan

I don't know if it's proper ettiquitte to blog when angry but too bad.

I didn't pay $100 for sleeping bags to go camping this weekend with money I didn't have so you can stay up til 1:30am (at least), get so drunk that your not even going to feel the cold. I didn't. Swap my Sunday shift with someone for their Tuesday am shift so e
we could go camping this weekend and you're gonna get so wasted I'm not going to enjoy it.

Yes I understand that it's your uncle's 40th birthday party, but he's camping too... He'll be here in the morning.

I could have kept my Sunday shift and driven home now and got the good pay for working a Sunday, and not have the stress of working from 0630am tuesday til 1430, and have a lecture that starts at 1400 goes til 1600 and it takes half an hour to get. ALSO we have no baby sitter for Tuesday am... All so we could go camping...

The longer it takes you to come to bed the more angry I'm going to get... Haven't u learnt this yet?? ;-(

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