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Wednesday, 21 April 2010


As I was driving today, my attention was drawn to the dashboard (I know you're meant to look there anyway, but I was avoiding the "you have NO fuel left" light)... The odometer ticked over to 151200, it was kinda weird as you don't normally see 4 digits roll over like that. The constant one on your trip meter but, other than that....

Also, and this is going back to the above mentioned light... I drove from my house to uni yesterday with that light on. The previous owner said when the light comes on, you have about 40km before you need fuel. Uni and back is between 50-52, depending on which way  I go. Then I drove about another 2km to a petrol station to get fuel so I could go and study at a friends, only about 10mins down the road.I put $10 in (around 7.5litres) and the needle didn't move. Infact, the light stayed on!

I really wanted to push it further, but I'd get roused at by Andrew and I'd be stuck in the dark on the side of the road somewhere... Rather not risk it. Be interesting to know just how much farther I could have gone tho :)

That light was still on today when I drove to uni and back again! Must put fuel in on payday!

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