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Thursday, 22 April 2010

cup of tea?

A friend of ours updated his facebook and twitter status', saying he's just picked up his son from the hospital. He doesn't have full custody of his son (loooong story there). I can only assume he was with his mother (and kinda hoping it -is that a bad thing?). He's trying to get more time to see his son.

We've found out  why the son was at the hospital. He has burns to his face and upper torso. There is a picture, but because it's not my son, or my family, I'm not posting it. He has bandages on his face and wrapped around him. I can't imagine what the friend, his son, or the mother is going through.

Its one of my, and Andrew's, worst fears. It can happen to anyone... The little boy was burnt from a spilt cup of tea :(

They wont know for a few weeks how bad it is, but the friend is fuming (which is why I think it happened at the mothers. The friend doesn't drink tea!). The son is around 18mths old.

Thinking of them

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  1. Oh, poor baby!! Nothing worse than burns, and they happen so quick...


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