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Thursday, 17 March 2011

In January, I finally got my car back.  After 2 years waiting for the heads and engine to be rebuilt, it was finally completed an all mine again! It's a '95 Range Rover, which is why it took so long - they're expensive!!

Yesterday, on my way to the library, it started to vibrate. The library isn't very far away. 10 mins tops. When I was about to turn into the street the library is in, the car kept stalling and was hard to restart. This had me in a panic, coz I was in a single turn only lane, at  a busy intersection at the shops. So I did a U-Turn (completely legal! There was a sign!), and headed straight up to Andrew's work where he spent 2 hours of his time getting more and more frustrated that he couldn't work out what was wrong! He ended up taking me home in the works Land Rover Discovery, which we can drive around in until my car is fixed.

Andrew's just rang me just now to say he's worked out the problem.  Had to get a specialist guy in, too, to diagnose. 

Part of rebuilding the engine, Andrew's got a new cam (whatever that is) in it. So we needed to get special heavy duty valve springs to go with it. Part of the waiting to get the engine back was waiting on this darn valve springs. I reckon they took at least 6 months to turn up, even though when they were ordered they were in stock and in Australia. Pissed everyone right off that they were taking so long! 

Turns out what happened to my car is one of these HEAVY DUTY valve springs just broke. Simple. just broke, while I was driving it.

I want it to be replaced under warranty. Andrew even suggested the valve spring guy pay for any damages to the heads that it may have damaged when it broke. I do repeat that these are HEAVY DUTY springs. I'm in no way a hoon. They don't just break.

If it hasn't damaged the heads, great! Fantastic. But, if it has, I don't know what we're going to do. I definitely want it to be replaced - for free, under warranty - by the guy. They don't just break. How long the replacement will take to arrive is another thing. 

Why now, so close to having this baby!?!

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