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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

So... Life is still plodding along here...

Andrew has decided to get fit, and is doing something about it!! :)

Jensen keeps asking if I'm going to have a baby soon.

Uni started back this week, but I have deferred this semester.

Baby is still comfortable in utero. 39 weeks tomorrow. Baby due in 7 days! Jensen was 7 days overdue and when I had him the hospital policy was to induce at 10 days over... So. The finality of it all says sometime in the next 17 days there will be a new addition in this house!

I finally packed our hospital bag today! Hope that prompts baby to arrive sooner rather than later! I'm not uncomfortable this pregnancy, a little at night, but no where near as much as I was with Jensen. Really, I'm just getting impatient now! I just want to meet who's in there! And I'm bored of being at home by myself. I'm also REALLY annoyed at mum, who- regardless of the looks I give and me asking her not to- continues to call the baby a girl. We have no idea what sex the baby is. We call the baby "It"'or just plain "baby". Mum calls it "her", "she" or whatever ugly girls name has popped into her head. (it's probably not an ugly name, just when i hear it it is and also because she's called it a girl AGAIN!) when she rang and spoke to me yesterday, she called it a girl again. When our call finished, I almost rang Andrew in tears. :'( I'm just so over it.

Even Andrew's mum has said something to her about it. I can't remember what Andrew said she said...

This month is busy with events... Baby is due on the 9th, our wedding anniversary is the 10th, mums birthday is 11th, her sister 12th, our god daughter is 5 on the 13th and my sisters wedding anniversary is the 14th!!

I don't know what I'm going to do if baby is born on any of those days (except of course the 9th). I'm concerned what kind of bragging mum will do if baby is a girl, and especially concerned if its girl born on mums birthday...

Come on baby!!

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