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Sunday, 13 March 2011

It seems like this bubba wants to do just that! I know I'm only a couple days overdue, but it's getting kind of 'old' now... I deferred uni early coz I was due the 2nd week. The girls on fb from uni are having a fantastic time whinging about lecturers and what-not and I feel im missing out, even if it is just the socializing... I don't DO anything, I'm off work on maternity leave, my paid maternity leave runs out soon (got 6weeks paid maternity and Ijust got the last payment, so we're about to have NO money :() and the further over due i am the more I stress (but mainly about money). It feels like I have at least a month to go yet, because I have no BH and only tiny bits of show. Sometimes I forget I'm actually pregnant but am reminded when I bump into a doorway or try to fit somewhere I would have pre-pregnancy.

Saw my mum, 2 of her sisters and 3 cousins today for my aunty's birthday. (mums was Friday, her sisters Saturday). The 2 aunties have 3 kids each, and one cousin has a 3 yo, so surely they could have been a little more tactful when I walked in. Instead I got "OMG haven't you popped yet?" "have you had any niggles?" and other seemingly obligitory things you say to make a pregnant woman feel even more uncomfortable. It didn't bother me so much in my first pregnancy, but seriously people! Back off! I keep telling people that I'm not uncomfortable, just sometimes when I have to roll over or get out of bed... But when people say things like that, that's when I'm uncomfortable.

Yesterday (Saturday) we also went to a friends BBQ, and dh and his friend are betting on baby's sex. Another reason why I'm a little over it. This baby needs clothes, we just have the basics at the moment, and I can't really stock up on clothes until k m ow what "flavour" baby is :) everyone, including Jensen, is starting to get impatient. anyway, the friends gf had a fit ball, so I bounced on it for about 20 mins and it was doing something! Little contractions, but nothing noteworthy. Just small pains, really, could have just been baby hurting me to say "stop bouncing on the fitball". Nothing since we got home at 8pm.

Felt like I was going to throw up a midnight, ended up getting up at 12:40 to have something to eat. I feel much better now. Watched some tv, not that there's much on, Jensen woke up and was all upset that "daddy said he wasn't sorry". So I woke Andrew up to appologise to him, which seemed to work.

Im gonna try and go back to sleep now, coz this carpal tunnel in both hands is affecting how I type. It sucks. In the mornings, I can't even hold my hairbrush!

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