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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Ooh, I think finally a few niggles may be happening!! About time too! Tomorrow is 41 weeks!

Jensen was born at 41 weeks, perhaps it'll happen again!

I have some sciatic pain, that only started this afternoon. I had/ have some tightenings that don't hurt and some that make me say ouch. There's some pain 'down there' at the front when I walk or try to roll over. Theres a pain in my butt when I sit, and a general incomfortable-ness while I lie here. I feel like I'm gonna be sick at times, but that feeling comes and goes!

I didn't read Jensen a bedtime story, because it was uncomfortable to sit, but waddled to his room and lay down with him for 10 mins. He told me : "
When the baby is asleep, you'll be able to play with me and my daddy". Maybe he's worried he'll be neglected. He won't be :) I reckon he'll make a great big brother!

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