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Thursday, 17 March 2011

It's on for young and old now!!

I've just returned from my doctors appointment at the hospital to talk about inducing the baby. Today I am 41+1 - so 8 days overdue.

I have been discussing with Andrew what he wanted from that appointment.  He wanted them to say they'll induce me in a few days. I said that's what I was expecting too, but that I wanted them to say  we'll induce you right now; come back tonight or come back first thing in the morning.

Thats what I wanted to hear, but wasn't expecting it. I am already anxious about baby's movements, am a little over the heat and it being so difficult to roll over in bed, and poor Jensen is the most impatient of us all who just can't wait to meet his little baby brother or sister.

Last night, I did have a few niggles. One of which instantly reminded me of being in labour last time. I honestly thought I'd remember that pain, but pretty much forgot it all after Jensen was born. That little niggle sent me right back and I instantly thought.. This is just a niggle - it's going to be worse! What have I done! What am I about to do?! 

I want to do this as drug free as possible. If I can't then,  so be it. Least I gave it a shot. After that niggle, I'm starting to doubt myself. I have to keep reminding myself that I CAN do it. Jenny (my student midwife) and Andrew know thats how I want to do it, so having them both there hopefully will keep me focused. And I know Andrew's going to be bored - just as he was last time. He's going to hate it :(

Back to today's appointment. The doctor offers a stretch & sweep, where she find the cervix and stretches and sweeps (hence the term) it to see how thin it is etc. She tells me I'm still 1cm effaced (so the cervix still needs to thin out more), but I'm 3cm dilated. Last week I wasn't any cm dilated. (With Jensen at 40wks, I was 3cm.) Least my body has decided to do something in the last week. The doctor has seen that I'm 41+1 weeks (8 days overdue) and because the (the hospital) only likes to let you go 7-10 days over, would like to induce. That's fine,  remember I want her to say today or tomorrow. Because today is Thursday, 10 days over is Saturday. Apparently the hospital doesn't induce on a weekend. Monday would be +12, so not in anyone's favour :)  So, she toddles off to check if there's any appointments. Just my luck.  "Come back in at 0600 (that's 6am for you folks !) to start the induction". Now. Remember. This is what I wanted. The moment she said this and wrote it officially on a piece of paper, I started to freak out.

Essentially. I'm having a baby TOMORROW. There'll no longer be the element of surprise of when labour starts. Tomorrow. 6AM. I'm a little scared. Scared it's going to hurt. Scared something will go wrong. Scared it will go for HOURS and I'll be in agony the whole time. Apparently induced labours are more likely to end in a forceps/suction delivery or c-section. Great, something else to worry about. The doctor said hopefully I can have the waterproof wireless baby heartrate monitor, otherwise, I can't use the shower. I was banking on that for my pain relief. I have to have  a cannula inserted (which I was probably going to be anyway due to my low iron incase of post birth hemorrhaging)  for the drug to bring on labour to be administered. I have to be on the baby heart rate monitor - apparently thats what happens when you're induced - so my movements will be limited. Movement is also what I was counting on.

I don't particularly want to tell too many people that I'm being induced, or that I'll be having baby tomorrow. I am going to ask the daycare lady Jensen goes to - who, thankfully, lives in our street - if we could possibly drop him off at 5:30 am. He doesn't normally go on a Friday, but we had a day owed to us  so he's going tomorrow. He's supposed to start at 9am. If she wont take him that early (because omg, yes.... that's early!) we'll have to call Andrew's mum to come over at 5 (early enough so I can organise her as to what he'll wear/ take to daycare etc). BUT. Then she knows and I really don't want her spreading the news. Once we ask her to come over in the morning, she'll tell  Andrew's dad, who probably - by accident - spread the news. 

I want to be the one that spreads the news.

I am so nervous, about everything. I'm no longer going to be a mother of 1...

I'm going to make some sandwiches for tomorrow so Andrew doesn't get hungry lol

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