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Thursday, 6 October 2011


Back to the gym on Monday just gone! I went to a different gym coz the class I wanted to go to was on on Tuesday (at the same time) when we had a dr appt for skin issue.

Finally feeling better ( and a bit confused as to what day it was coz I'd been a day earlier) and picked Jensen up from daycare Wednesday, he asked if we could go to the gym. I said no, but the other lil boy asked if Jensen could come and she said he was coming to the gym! A bit confused, I finally realised she meant I was coming too. We went home, I hot changed and went too!

Normally I'm not motivated to go on my own (she had a PT session so I really was on my own), but I got on that treadmill and I walked. And ran for 1 minute spurts. 16 mins of that, then 30kg leg presses and some sort of other thing for my arms that I can't remember how much weight I had on it or what it was called.

I came home sweaty! I actually pushed myself ! Very pleased. Felt like I needed to throw up at one stage, so I must have done something right!

Back today to bodybalance, and have booked the kids into the crèche tomorrow morning to go to bodypump. Hopefully Andrew can watch the Saturday so I can go to Zumba. I need to move this body and look good!

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