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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The taxi cab

OMG. The other week, I followed a taxi for about 10 minutes, through quite clearly marked "60"km speed zones, 2 of which were school zones. They were out of school zone hours (I think it was about midday), but school zones nonetheless. There was no way he was doing 60. 70km at the least.  Swerving all over the place.

I could quite clearly see the cab number, but I couldn't read the "Professional Driving" number on the back. Finally, as we neared the traffic lights at the first of the school zones, he (I'm assuming it's a he, I don't think I've ever seen a female taxi driver, but doesn't mean there aren't any!) saw the light turn orange and he floored it, only he realised he wasn't going to make it and slammed on his brakes. He stopped (and stayed there) hugely over the line. While waiting for the lights to turn green, I could finally see the phone number.

Lights turn green, off he flies! doing way more than speed limit of 70km, through a round-a-bout and swings right at another set of lights into the 2nd school zone (a primary school this time) and just disappears down the street. Unbelievably fast.

Disgusted and shaken I've called the number.... and it rang out. Not impressed. Rang again and got Lost Property. She took my message anyway and then said that she'd pass it on to the right person.

About a week later, I got a phone call from the taxi company, asking me to verify some details of why I had called. He told me that he could see from the gps tracker on the taxi where he had been and how fast he was going. I confirmed that the main road was a 70km zone and he said the driver was doing 82km in that 70km zone, "well over the 10% margin" he reckons. He tells me he has had words with this driver before, and now "he has the information he needs to deal with driver properly". I can only imagine this means he's fired. Kinda hoping he was. That was incredibly dangerous and scary to watch. Thank God he didn't have any passengers.

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