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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Temp or teething?

So, is the clingy-ness teething or an age group thing? I'm not allowed out of her sight!

It's midnight and she's got a temp. Temp, not a fever, and panadol seem to have taken some of the "heat" from her head. Her body is still a bit warm. Has had a big bf and is back in her bed. So paranoid she's going to have a febrile convulsion and we're not going to know. J had one at 18 mths when his fever spiked and needed to be resuscitated.

Hoping it's just teeth....


  1. Hi! You won the Sshh Mummys on the Phone Blog competition. Can you email me at within 7 days to calim your bottle of Veuve!!! Congratulations.


  2. Oh I hear ya on that! Febrile convulsions are terrifying. Miss 3 has had one. I'd say its probably teething though babe. Paige has been doing the same. I just want her to cut some dang teeth already!


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