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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The police

To go on from the taxi driver  in the previous post, the wednesday the following week, I went to step on to the zebra crossing. I had a pram with a baby in it, laden with groceries as well. I watched a police van speed down the street, didn't even slow down for me on the crossing. (it's an actual street, so it could be a 20km zone, it could also be a 40km zone. There is reverse angle parking on either side, a library on one side and the supermarket - where I was - on the other.) The police driver saw me, looked at me. He saw me, I saw him, but he kept going. The street isn't very long, so he had to slow down at the T section.

But.... Who do I complain to about the police now? Well, not complain, but who do I tell this to?

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