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Sunday, 25 September 2011

All in a day

I swear, my children hate sleep. J will fight it as long as he can,. Eden just doesn't seem to want to sleep without a nipple in her mouth.

Today was a massive day. We left the house at 8:15 to get to Natural Bridge (Springbrook National Park, Gold Coast Hinterland). After some fluffing about, we got there around 10:30ish. Bushwalked, took lots of photos, headed home, but detoured to have some lunch in Murwillumbah.

The monkey was almost almost asleep just as we got into the township and Eden was asleep. Woke the baby, headed to the pub for lunch. Jensen ate his lunch, Eden ate hers. We, of course, ate ours. We left. Jensen was awake the whole way home. So. No nap today, even though he was nearly there earlier.

Eden decided breast milk was boring and stickybeaked at everything else while she was supposed to be feeding. Made for overful breasts, but oh well. Things to see!

Finally we got home, and 6:30 Jensen wanted to climb into our bed and watch tv. So, Harry Potter was in the dvd player, that got turned on. He watched the whole thing. Remember, he was tired? He made it through the whole thing! He made it til just after 9pm. The movie was over (about 10-15 mins over), so we (Jensen, Eden and myself) climbed into his tiny little single bed (smaller than a single but bigger than a toddler bed) to fall alseep. I reckon Eden would have fallen asleep as well, but again, too busy. So, finally alseep.

Eden, on the other hand, I had been trying to put to bed since 7pm. She'd fall asleep, put into bed and either wake right away or sleep for 10-15 mins and wake again. I lost count, she either woke 3 or 4 times, between 7 and 9:45. One time I went in there (she was tired, you could hear it in her cries. Sometimes she puts herself to sleep, and I was hoping tonight would be it. No such luck), and she had her head butted right up against the top of the cot. She sleeps with her feet touching the bottom of the cot. She's doing what Jensen did for a few weeks, trying to crawl in her sleep (at this age though, Jensen was already crawling). Friday night (6mth 5days) rolled over from front to back. She's just started to roll back to front in her cot now. Actually took a dummy Friday night too! Once though, hasn't taken it again. Anyway, FINALLY she went to sleep at 10:10pm. However, she normally wakes 2-3 (if I'm unlucky 4) times a night. The next will be between 12 and 1. So, fingers crossed she makes it through that and just sleeps.\

I've been to the health nurse about her sleeping (and once I'm over my cold/flu thing - it's been 2 weeks now and I'm so tired and sick of being sick, I'll start the suggestions) and she suggested to feed her at the 10 wake up, just settle her at the 12 wake up (pfft thats going to be hard. Pick her up, settle her and put her back down - hahaha) and feed her again when she wakes at 4, but try and get her to play with her cot mobile until 5. That one's not so hard, it's the 12 wake up I'm going to have trouble with. To prove a point, she just woke (11:30), I had to feed her and put her back to sleep. She was trying to keep sucking and that darn dummy disappeared again! If I try that for a few days (and it doesn't work), I can go to a sleep group run by the health nurses. If I try that for a while, and that doesn't work - only then can I get a referral to a sleep school, where I can go for 4 nights and someone will help me sort out her sleep.

Now I'm just rambling.... I'm going to try and sleep before she wakes yet again!

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