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Tuesday, 6 September 2011


So. The real estate called to see if they could change the time on the inspection from 2 til 4. I haven't even got the notice yet. AND they've said the owner is coming to inspect. Also, when we re-sign the contract for  12 months, the $ per week has increased another $10 a week.

BUT we've been given the opportunity to rent Andrew's co-worker's place while she's off living somewhere else. We can paint the walls, mount the tv to the wall, basically, if we want to do something we can do it - something you can't do in a rental. It is also $30 cheaper than where we are now. It's closer to Andrew's work (but further from mine), near some good schools for when Jensen starts.... However - apparently it's a shoebox on a tiny block.

So now the dilemma is - do we stay and have the rent put up again (which is getting increasingly difficult to meet) but stay in this house, or move somewhere cheaper but tiny?

We can inspect the place on Saturday, so we'll have to discuss it then.

On the other hand, we've sorta started to chuck stuff out (mainly because we moved Andrew's computer out of the spare room and made it a toy room and all the hoarding had to go), it sorta feels like we are getting ready to move.

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