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Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Hold on to your hat! Jensen asked for tomato and mushroom with his burrito dinner.... and OMG he ATE it! :D

I had a great day with the kids today, but we really didn't actually do anything. We watched some TV, and when Eden was napping Jensen played playdough, we made some cookie dough, more playdough, cut out the shapes, cooked them, played outside on Jensen's scooter.  nothing fancy. But, I had a good day. I'm a lil upset that he has to go to daycare tomorrow. I'm enjoying them being at home together. Jensen plays peek-a-boo around the back of Eden's high chair when she's having lunch (or breakfast or dinner) and she thinks it's great! She laughs, but Jensen laughs more! It's funny though, you tell him to go and play with his sister and he wont. You don't want him to play with her and he will, and he'll get laughs, giggles and smiles.

Eden has been sleeping terrible. She will wake minimum 2 times a night, max 4. Each time the only way I can get her back to sleep is to breastfeed her. IT used to be just a quick 10 min feed and she's back asleep, but now I try to take her off and put her to bed, she bounces her head around until she's latched back on again.  Or, if I get her away in time and she's still asleep, and put her down in her cot on her back, she screams and screams. But if I turn her over and put her on her tummy and pat her bum, she goes off to sleep. I drag my tired self back to bed and wait 5 mins and go back to check on her. I can't help thinking something bad (eg; sids) is going to happen. I'm ok with tummy sleeping during the day, coz I can check on her whenever, but at night, you just never know! I'm sure most parents, despite whatever parenting style they chose, can't wait for the kids bedtime. I know I look forward to their bedtime (I also feel bad and guilty, but that's another story) but the instant after the "bedtime" thought, the next thought is : "Eden still wakes! You wont get a sleep-through!" Tonight though, I'm awake and ready for the first wake up, which can be anywhere from 10:30 til around 11:30, then the next between 12 and 1. #3 is around 2:30-3 and #4 is 4:30ish. Exhausting.

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