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Monday, 19 September 2011

do I work?

The Flu has hit us here! Came out of nowhere! First, my throat felt scratchy. Then Thursday, I felt terrible ( but pushed myself to the gym), Eden's nose started running like a tap, then it turned green. Jensen was ok, but bordering on cranky not well. By Saturday I felt like terrible, but Andrew had to go to work and Jensen had now joined us in the sick corner. Andrew went to his friends house in the afternoon / evening and got home around 9 to tell me - he wasn't feeling well either. Well. Really.  Did you think you were going to escape it? You left me, at home, sick, with two equally sick cranky kids to go to work (granted - you were fitting new brakes to my car....), then go to your friends place , when you knew all I wanted to do was sleep. Yesterday, I let you sleep all day to try and let you feel better (because apparently I don't work and you do).

I don't understand why a stay at home mum doesn't "work", but her husband does. Obviously, he goes to work and earns money, but I'm at home looking after the house and kids etc. I don't get sick pay, holiday pay, holidays. I'm on 24hour -round-the-clock care of those kids. Don't forget, our 6 month old still wakes at least twice a night to feed. What do you do? You leave this mad house to go to work, and come home and expect stuff to be done. WTF do you think I do all day? Today I did 4 loads of washing, folded some, made muesli bars, did the dishes (twice), put a load in the dishwasher, put away the kids clothes into their drawers (instead of being in baskets on the table like they were), actually organised the baby's drawers as I went, changed nappies, made lunch, cleaned out the fridge, changed the sheets on J's bed, changed E's nappies, played with the kids, made them breakfast and lunch (and fed E hers). ALL of this (and probably more) with a REALLLY whingy baby (I was over it by the time Andrew got home though), 'butted heads' with J over just about anything (he's backchatting again). But Andrew gets home and pulls some packet out  pantry, eats it all (there wasn't much left in there anyway) but leaves the empty packet on the bench. WTF? Turn around, take 1 step - two if need be - and put the damn rubbish in the freaking bin.

Tomorrow, I've gotta get up and do it all again. ALSO, I've gotta go to uni for a tutorial with two very sick snotty kids and share the sick-germ love.  So add that to my list of "work" I don't do.

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