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Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Fisher Price Rock N Play

I recently received an opportunity to test out the Rock N Play bouncer/ rocker by Fisher Price - for Product Talk by Nuffnang. I don't know who was more excited to receive the parcel (shh! It was me!). Jensen was in a crabby mood (he wanted to play outside), Eden was in a crabby mood (tired and hungry and just generally in a  mood) and I was in a crabby mood (coz my lunch was going cold).

After satisfying Eden's needs and she was down for a nap and Jensen was happily playing cars in his toy area, I got stuck into my parcel!

The Rock N Play instructions are fairly simple on how to put it together. It tells you, step by step, which piece is which and when to put them together. But, I found my self skipping steps coz it was pretty straight forward.

After it was put together, I just had to wait for Eden.

At first, she wasn't sure what she was supposed to be doing in there. She was never a fan of an actual bouncer, so I was not sure how she was going to react. Once she was fed and happy, I popped her in the rocker. Happy enough after Jensen thrust the toy in her face.

check out how happy she is
(and see my omlette going cold in the background)!

The rocker is marketed as portable, so I tested that out. It not only folds (doesn't fold flat flat, just flat in a funny sort of way), but locks into place to space save in the car. We had to visit Andrew's parents, so the rocker came along for the ride. Once Eden was asleep (she breastfeeds to sleep), I placed her in it like it was a portacot. She starts to stir between when she's taken from the breast to be put into a bed etc, but the moment she was in the rocker she was instant calm. So far, each time I've placed her in there like that, the same thing happens. No stirring. Just sleep. This one day, while we were at Andrew's parents place, she slept for nearly 2 hours in it.

snoozin' at nanna's.
Way easier to get Eden in and out
 of the Rocker than it is that portacot

Later, once we were home, again ready for a nap, I put her in it, but boys being boys - Jensen makes noise. Eden stirred in the rocker, made a bit of a fuss, but the movement she made made the rocker rock itself. It's not a fast rock - the little feet see to that - just a gentle rock. Lulled her back to sleep.
Rocked herself back to sleep!

It's going to come in handy if I go somewhere I'd need a portacot, or at dinner time when she cat naps.

As it's desgined for up to 11kg babies, and Eden checks in at 7.35kg, there's a while yet to get good use from it. For now, it passes the happy Eden test which makes me a happy mummy in return. Very useful.

I like the portabiliity, the asthetics and how comfortable she looks. Eden has a high chair or an electric swing rocker thing ( I call it a swing-a-ma-jig), bit of which are sit up tall and see the world or a bouncer which is a look up at the ceiling, but Fisher Price Rock N Play, she's propped up and can see me, while relaxing.

I'm going to include a photo taken by Jensen, coz I didn't think to get another small child's eye view of it.
Jensen's view of the Rocker
All in all, this is a great rocker. I wasn't sure it would rock by itself, but it does! That's my favourite feature. That, and that it's portable. It now lives at the far end of the kitchen so Eden can relax and watch while I cook dinner, or while the rest of us eat dinner :) Hands free! I'm going to have a hard time parting with it when Eden is too big!

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