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Sunday, 4 September 2011

The week that was

Right-o. So the craft didn't turn out so good for Fathers Day. The red paint was watery, and because J's favourite colour is green - the whole painting was either green or the terrible colour Red, Blue, Yellow and Green make together.

Instead, we cut out numbers from the Coles catalogue and pasted them into a book and the wrote the word next to them, so J can learn to associate the word with the number. I think he got bored with me doing all the fine cutting. He got to use his safety scissors and did some cutting, but the main cutting was done by me.

A special parcel arrived on Thursday (conveniently the only day I wasn't home). I went to the gym, and decided that the three of us (J, Eden and myself) would head out to my mothers, then onto Toowoomba to pick up her layby. Only once we'd got there (and ate lunch next to a grieving family - tears all round - in the food court at lunch hour, of all places), the store tells us the slip we have is only a raincheck, not a layby. 2 hours of driving for nothing! Went to a whole other shopping centre (coz they don't have Target, Kmart and Big W in the one shopping centre) to buy pajamas coz my local Kmart has winter pajamas on special for $3 a pair. This Kmart only has them for $5. Bought one each for the kids (in next years sizes), and headed home.

Thursday also saw the 1st of September, the beginning of spring and a personal challenge which I call "Sugarless September". The plan is to not eat anything blatantly sugary, add sugar to my cup(s) of tea, or snack on sugary or similar things like biscuits (even though most of mine are home made, they still have sugar in them and I am constantly snacking on them).

Friday - was a long day. So tired from Thursdays driving, but I dragged the kids up early to Kmart to print some photos for Fathers Day. Then Andrew calls to say to bring my car up and he'll fix the rearview mirror. And by fix I mean reattach. I've been driving round without a rearview mirror maybe a month. (went to adjust it one day and it came unstuck from the windscreen! I wasn't being rough or anything!) Drive up there, Eden napping, switch the kids and all my shopping bags (remember I said my local Kmart had pj's for $3 - bought about 4 pairs each for the kids, some fathers day presents and some bedside lamps) drive to the post office to pick up the parcel. Eden's awake. This has thrown out her daytime nap rhythm for the WHOLE DAY. Finally we were home! I made lunch (an omelette) but never got to eat it while it was hot coz Eden was grizzly all day, and Jensen wanted me for this or that, and I was trying to put together said parcel. Eden asleep. Parcel assembled. I want a nap. Jensen wants to ride his scooter. House a mess. I trudged through my tiredness and got my cleaning mojo happening - and Eden wakes. blah blah blah, we have a good afternoon, it's windy, Jensen rides his scooter...

Saturday! Been hanging out for Saturday all week coz we're going to a birthday party! My friend H's daughter M has turned 1! We get there late (coz we bought the wrong bulbs for the bedside lamps and also bought a birthday card) and I swear the whole party was catered for by Willy Wonka. Not the brand, but there was so much lollies! Remember what I said Thursday was? The beginning of Sugarless September? Oh, it was hard. It was so hard to resist all the lollies. But I did it. Are you proud? Perhaps not so proud that I put lollies on my plate, then snuck them into Eden's lunch bag.     :p  The lollies are resting comfortably in the pantry where I can't see them (outta sight, outta mind), patiently waiting for October 1st. There was a 'schedule' , sort of adhered to. There was pass the parcel, pinata, find the different coloured ball (and win a prize), a clown with balloon animals. Wow. It was full on! But a good day. Jensen won the overall pass the parcel prize - a little fishing rod with a magnet and magnetic fish.

Father's Day Sunday - I think Andrew had a good day. Socks, jocks, photos, thongs and a jaffle iron (toasted sandwich maker - the one that seals the edges). A craft thing from Jensen that he made at daycare. Major cleaning at our place in the afternoon. We have an inspection this coming thursday where the owner is coming and we both went into panic mode. I hope nothing bad is going to happen. Apparently they may want to renovate.  Andrews parents helped out by doing two dump runs for us (a normal sized trailer both times) but there's nothing to show for it.  You can't tell that much stuff has been thrown out. On the up side, the loungeroom is so much more spacious and the kids have a toy room!

Tomorrow starts the new week, and swimming lessons. I hope tomorrow Jensen gets his term 3 certificate and did well in his 'assessment' last week!

By the way, thanks for getting this far. I also appologise for how long it takes me to upload my photos of the day for the 365 day photo challenge. I take the photos each day, it's just reorganising myself to have time to blog them.

Also, keep an eye out here for Product Talk! I've road tested a product (the special parcel!) and I'll be blogging about it soon xx

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