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Saturday, 23 March 2013

a cake surprise hit!

I made E's birthday cake.

I was so freaking nervous making it.

I'd never made it before.

The cake didn't rise (it was meant to be cupcakes, on the recipe), like I thought it would (which dashed any ideas I had for the party)

But it met the needs for my sisters kids dietary requirements. I made the cake (plus one test cupcake), and the icing (but I had to halve the icing as I didn't have enough ingredients).

Well, the cake sunk in the middle :sadface: So did the cupcake. Oh well.

The recipe for the icing. It tasted too much like coconut oil. I added more cocoa. Too cocoa-y. Added some maple syrup. Much better and a better icing consistency. I didn't actually added a certain amount, just what I thought might work.

Iced the cake.

Let it to sit in the fridge overnight and while I was at work all day.

The party was good, I think she enjoyed it.

The cake, however - my biggest stress - was a hit! Everyone said it was nice! My sister suggested next time I make it a slice.

So now I let you in on the recipe.... I found it here:


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