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Thursday, 21 March 2013

I Miss

Living with my in - laws is good, not optimum - we have our moments - but on the whole, it's going well.

It's been nearly 6 months since we've moved in.

I miss:
Having my own kitchen
Doing things my way
Not having to feel like I've upset someone
Having the house to myself ( I can be here by myself, but father in law is pretty much home all the time, even if it is in his room). Even if I do have the house to myself, someone always comes home. 
My cats. Yep. They were freaking annoying, but I miss them.
I miss the awesome backyard we had and the shade it had in the afternoon.
I miss not having to be quiet while the in laws are napping. (yep, they nanny nap)
I miss having a loungeroom next to the kitchen, where I can keep an eye on the kids and play with them while dinner is cooking, instead of the kitchen down one end of the house and my room (Where the tv is) is down the other.

I miss having a lounge room. Sounds silly, but yes. I miss it.

I miss the kids having their own room (even though they enjoy sharing one).

I miss my own decor. The house is decorated their way, obviously.
I miss being able to make a mess in the kitchen and not worrying until tomorrow morning (and using that time to play with my kids, instead of cleaning up)

I miss not having to worry if anyone can hear us being all intimate and adult. (awkward coz the other night that was happening and after we were satisfied, I went to check on the kids, to find mother in law humming and rocking Eden back to sleep. The kids and I share a wall.)

And after all this time, I can honestly say, I am NOT a dog person.

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