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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Yesterday, I had one of those days. Nothing went right, Eden wouldn't go down for her nap, screamed and carried on for 2.5hrs. I eventually put her into the ergo, and she was asleep in 5 min! So I didn't get enough baking done yesterday as I would have liked. Which sucked coz E's party is today. It's going to suck. No mini muffins that are suitable for my sisters kids. The only people to get back to me is my sister and one of my friends, making a total amount of kids coming is 5 including my own.

Then I let Eden stay up coz I wasn't feeling well, hoping shed slowly get tired and be ready for bed by herself . By 8pm ish, I'd had enough and feeling really nausea and tired from the gym, I tried to put her to bed. I was sort of succeeding too, until around 830 when Andrew came home and the in laws dog when bananas and roused the kids. Now im sick, sore a d pissed off. So I sent Andrew for a drive to put E to sleep, which only sent J to sleep. So I try again, but I'm feeling worse and started to cry (which is an indicator that I am sick). E immediately hugged me and kept repeating "I'm sorry mummy, I'm sorry mummy" ah uh made me cry more coz it wasn't her fault I was crying.

Finally, by 930, she was asleep. However, I had two bed guests over the course of the night, E was in here 3 times! Once, she told me it was her bed and pushed me out. She's still here.

About to get up for work for my new shift hours today. Eden's party is an hour after I finish, so lets hope things go smoothly!

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