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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Is it a sign?

Yesterday, I was talking to my mother in law about ways I can earn more money (as my hours were cut at work)

I suggested, and she agreed, that maybe I should start my Tupperware business back up again - be a Tupperware demonstrator.

Now, I love my Tupperware, I have so much of it, so it makes total sense!


When I was a demonstrator, I struggled with public speaking and the big thing - sales and party dates.

Now, I really only need 1, maybe 2 dates a week and I will be happy. Any money I make can go straight into saving for the house.

Today, I was thinking of my old manager from Tupperware, wondering how her family was etc.

Then about an hour later, she calls me! How random! I know it was a cold call, and I know she was fishing for a recruit.

The question now is, do I or don't I?

Is it a sign that I was thinking of re-joining Tupperware, and I was also thinking of her... and then she calls??

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