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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Ever had that moment...

Ever had one of those moments, like on tv or in the movies, where you know your partner has a particular stance or view on a topic and you know his answer before you speak? But when you talk about the subject, and take the opposite view and try and validate your argument before he can respond with his objection? And then he lets you finish your time on the soap box, and then AGREES with you?

Ever had that happen?

Neither had I until today.

Right now, I have 3 cousins and 5 friend pregnant. 

One of those 5 friends shared secretly today that she is pregnant. Only just, but still pregnant. This particular friend and I seem to be on the same baby-making schedule, with both have 2 children, born within weeks and days of each other.

Anyway, I'm a little jealous. I had only just been looking for a photo of E's cot so I can sell it, and looking at all hers and J's baby photos made me nostalgic, homesick and clucky.

So I was sharing this information (the photo searching, the baby photos and our friends new pregnancy) and the fact I was clucky with Andrew. I then went onto quickly keep talking before Andrew could interject with valid reasons for not adding to our family. I totally understand, we're saving for a house, I have to finish uni, we live with my in-laws, we're not in a financial position (for either a baby or  a house), the list went on. I ended with a flourish, stating I was ready to accept that we're saving for a house, not a baby.

This is where you need to be sitting down....

Andrew catches me off guard by saying when we're settled into our home, we will be able to try again. His friend is his age and has just had her first child (Andrew is 4 years older than me), another of his friends - the same age - has just had their 3rd child. So it's not totally out of the question.

Yep, that shut me up for a few minutes. I'd have kissed him if he wasn't on the toilet at the time...

WOW. What did you just say?

We currently have a 'plan' to have saved enough to put a deposit down on a house in 2 years.  Say we succeed in that plan, and settle in after a year or so, I'll still be a year younger than Andrew is now and thinking of adding to the family!

I am still in shock! What a turn around! 

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